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Recorded Resource: Professionals Webinar: VI literacy – Supporting learning at home

If you work with with visually impaired children and young people, listen to this webinar about supporting the teaching of literacy at home.

This event, bought to you by Look and VIEW, was exclusively for professionals in the VI sector/working with visually impaired CYPF.

We shared our key learning points gathered from families who are worried/have questions about supporting their child’s literacy at home and discussed the best strategies and solutions for addressing family concerns.

Topics covered:

  • Helping parents stimulate their children’s interest in reading
  • Working with families whose first language is not English
  • Accessing leisure reading in accessible formats
  • Supporting pre-braille and braille skills
  • Promoting low vision skills
  • Accessible apps/ICT to promote literacy skills

The discussion was facilitated by John Rous-Milligan, Executive VIEW member along with a panel of sector experts.

You can listen to a recording of this webinar by clicking below:

The image shows a screenshot of the webinar attendees online.

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