If you haven’t joined before, please do! Dads are welcome too! We love to welcome new people and it’s a safe, positive space to share and learn. We meet every other Monday online at 7.30pm


Dates for the Parent Support Group 


April 15th Parent Support Group Chat Session

Our parent led support group welcomes new members. It’s a safe place to come and share what has been happening for your children and gain insight, support, and strategies to manage the difficult situations we encounter as advocates for our sons and daughters. Come along and listen for some key advice and guidance from other parent carers who understand what you are going through. Share the triumphs and tragedies with our parent carer community and leave feeling less isolated and ready to take on the world again. 

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April 29th Interactive Panel event on “Positive identity,  representation and self worth for blind and partially sighted children and young people.” Guests Karen Newell from  #ToyLikeMe in discussion with VI performers from the new children’s TV programme Mixmups with input from LOOK mentors.  Join Karen, expert parent and play consultant, from the campaign organisation #ToyLikeMe as she talks to Visually Impaired voice artists about the groundbreaking show MixMups which was created by deafblind writer, creator and executive producer Rebecca Atkinson. One of the three main characters in Mixmups, Pockets, is visually impaired and has a guide dog, Yapette. 

As Rebecca shares with disability charity Whizz Kids, “I wanted the world of Mixmups to be constructed with the social model of disability at its heart. This is the idea that the world needs to be accessible, rather than the child needing to be fixed. I wanted to create a world which was fixed – which was accessible for the characters who inhabited it. I wanted the world to bend and flex for them, rather than disabled children taking it upon themselves to try and change.”

If you are concerned about your VI child or young person’s self esteem and feelings about their visual impairment this interactive session is for you. Come along to hear the conversation about positive representation in the media and beyond and how to build our children’s self esteem and self worth from a young age. LOOK mentors will share their own experiences and reflect on how they have come to terms with their identity as a VIP.

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May 15th 2024 LOOK Parent Support Group panel event with VICTA and RSBC.

“Movement for Mental Health, how to move forward when you are feeling overwhelmed.”  An online panel event for parent carers of blind or partially sighted children and young people. This session has been designed to give practical advice, support, understanding and hope to parent carers who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck by the systems we are trying to navigate. Fear and worry for our children’s future and their own wellbeing can leave us physically and mentally exhausted and unable to move forward.The panel will share their first hand experiences of moving through really difficult situations and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

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May 27th Chat session – Fill in this form to book your place 



June 10th PSG panel event on Inherited, progressive sight loss with Retina UK and LOOK Mentors with lived experience – Secure your place here 



June 24th Chat session – Book for June 24 PSG Chat 



July 8th PSG Panel Event with Moorvision and Blatchington Court Trust. How to obtain an effective EHCP for your blind or partially sighted child –Fill in this form to secure your place for July 8 PSG Chat 



July 22nd Chat session With the end of the academic year our theme for this session will be celebrating our children’s achievements and recognising our wins on their behalf and for ourselves – BOOK your place here