Personal Independence Payment 

Top Tips 

  • When you fill out the form have the point system in mind (Below)
  • Although its difficult to explain relate to your most difficult days 
  • If it takes you longer to perform daily routines make this clear 
  • Medical input can make a huge difference so gain as much evidence as you can 
  • You can call pip in advance to say you will be recording the call 
  • Don’t involve yourself in chit chat to the assessor , keep focused 
  • Sometimes questions are designed to trip you up, don’t go off on a tangent 
  • Be strong in your truth 
  • Talk with conviction 
  • Seek advice from charities that can support you 
  • A MP can help,if you have a complaint or you feel you have been treated unfairly 

Find your MP 

PIP table of questions and points- Citizens Advice

Preparing for an assessment- Citizens Advice

RNIB Support  

Phone Number: 0303 1239999

Dominic Milne

Legal Rights Officer


Parliamentary Co-Chair for the

Disability Benefits Consortium

Turn to Us benefits checker– What are you entitled to 

Advocacy Service

Access to Work 

Top Tips 

  • There are far more options than you think 
  • Once you are approved the money is yours to claim 
  • Patience and preparations are key when applying 
  • Keep it simple 
  • Make sure you know the ins and outs of claiming 
  • Plan ahead do your research 
  • Think about what you need to do your work 
  • Think about what will make your life easier in work 
  • How will you get to work 
  • Do you need support from a PA so you can do your work 
  • Make sure you know what the assessors look for with a claim
  • Claims should be dealt with within 12 weeks  

Access to Work staff Guide 

Access to work information

Access to Work Factsheet 

Benefits and Financial Advice (SENSE) 

 Universal Credit 

Top Tips 

  • Make sure you have a bank account to take payments 
  • Get used to budgeting for monthly payments 
  • Have the right information to hand 
  • Photo ID 
  • Email address 
  • Postcode 
  • National Insurance number 
  • Accommodation  details 
  • Savings 
  • Income details 
  • Details of other benefits

What is Universal Credit


Guide for lasting Power of Attorney (Mencap)

Government Advice Power of Attorney 

Managing your own Finances 

Top Tips 

  • Starting online banking is really useful with spaces to put money into different areas to keep you on track. 
  • Use a budgeting spreadsheet
  • Have calendar reminders when things are due to come out 
  • Mobile bank app are accessible for screen readers 
  • Be aware of what’s out there and the highest interest rate 
  • Shop around for the best deals 
  • Good practise to have 6 months saving for bills 
  • Mobile banking can be used for queries but please go into branch if you prefer
  • You can use voice over on mobile apps 
  • Benefits are positive and enable you to live your life more equally 
  • Make sure your child is getting what they are entitled to 
  • Help your child understand their bills and expenses
  • Make sure you have all correspondence in the format that you need 
  • Make sure your aware of notes and coins and their tactile differences  
  • Tactile cards can be asked for at most banks  
  • Always ensure your parent understands that it is your benefit and your choice 
  • Notes have tactile dots so you can know which note you have 
  • Parents can be overly cautious. Empower your children  
  • Be aware of fraud and scams and make sure your child is aware 
  • A bank will never ask for your bank details 
  • Know your rights, with fraud banks can reimburse 
  • Be aware of scams 
  • Make sure your child is getting the right support, If you have a complaint there is a bank ombudsman.
  • Join the company’s priority services register
  • Keep all bills/bank correspondence in one place so that it is easier to locate and consider using technology e.g. a pen friend or apps to help label and/or identify letters. 
  • NatWest and RBS offer large print cards or cards with a tactile marker. 
  • Barclays allows you to customise your card so you could make it a bright colour. 
  • Use Apple pay/Google pay 
  • Cash machines have a headphone jack for audio feedback

Accessible banks 

Banking your rights and the claim process  

Debt advice 

RNIB Advice on managing your money for young people 

A parents Guide to supporting your YP  

Top Tips 

  • Each individual is so different , no action fixes all
  • Talk to your young person and find out what they feel they can manage so they feel part of the process. Good communication ,clarify and give time to process
  • Build trust with your Yp
  • Give them choices if they are able to 
  • Support these choices but have a contingency plan ready
  • Let them feel they are choosing you if it comes to that ,rather than feeling pushed to have to 
  • Sometimes they need to struggle a bit to admit they may need more help.
  • They may get support from the transition team (health and social care )
  • They may be allocated a social worker who can offer direct payments .If they do receive this make sure your YP is able to manage it

Employment Service Allowance 

What is Employment Service Allowance?

ESA Guides Employment Service allowance 

Disabled Students Allowance 

How to apply for DSA 

DSA and Access tech with Sight and Sound 

Scope Advice on getting grants 

Help with travel costs 

Specific funding for sports and leisure activities 

Disability grants- Sense 

Help with energy and food costs 

Cost of living payment 

Reducing your council tax bill 

The LOOK Parent Support Group is peer-led, hosted by Jane Ring and Jo Lomas, both of whom are parents to a visually impaired child (and Jo has a VI herself). More info about the group here, plus a link to the resources produced from previous panel events: