We are delighted to be guest speakers at this year’s Retina UK Virtual Annual Conference.

The Retina UK Virtual Annual Conference is a great place to find out more about different inherited retinal conditions, what current research is being done into those conditions and how you can get involved.

It is so important that VI young people and their families learn about their eye conditions, in order to make informed choices.

Sometimes young people can be told that they don’t need to keep going to their eye appointments, and that they should just come back if they notice any changes. However it’s really important to keep those appointments and to see your team/consultant at least once a year so that you can stay informed of research, and so that you have an established point of contact if your vision does change.

In Conversation

In this video, LOOK Mentor Shamaila talks to with Matthew Carr from Retina UK, discussing the conference and why it’s important for families and young people to find out more about inherited retinal conditions.

Who operates the Retina UK helpline?

 What is Genetic Counselling and why is it important?

When is the conference and what is it about? 

Find out more

Retina UK’s first virtual conference on Saturday 17 April has a packed programme from leading experts across the eye health, research and pharmaceutical sectors. The day will start with an AGM at 9.30am followed by the Conference itself from 10.00am – approx 2.30pm. Join from the comfort of your own home and hear from:

  • Professor Alison Hardcastle who will provide us with the latest update in cutting edge genetics research
  • Consultant Genetic Counsellor Georgina Hall who will talk about how Genetics affect us all
  • Dr Samantha De Silva who will give us the latest update on clinical research
  • The Retina UK team who will launching our new ‘Unlock Genetics’ toolkit.

There will also be a unique opportunity to speak to pharmaceutical industry representatives.

To find out more about Retina UK and this year’s conference, click here.