Research request: for children and young people with VI on quality of life, and EHCP

Do you have a VI child or young person who you could help / ask to complete two short surveys to assist an MSc student at University College London (UCL)? Details below.

“My name is Frankie. I am studying an MSc in Psychology of Education at UCL. I want to learn more about children and young people with visual impairment and how they feel about their Education Health Care Plan (EHCP).

I am hoping to follow up on recent findings that children and young people with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) are not involved in their EHCP. I want to focus specifically on children and young people with visual impairment (VI) aged 11-18 and find out if they feel involved currently, if so, what they feel is going well. If not, what they feel could be improved. I intend to share this information with schools to enable schools to better understand the areas for success and improvement in this process.

I am going to be asking children and young people with Vision Impairment (VI) to take some surveys. One survey is called a ‘Quality of Life’ survey. This will tell me about how they are feeling, such as if they feel frustrated sometimes because of their eyesight. The second survey is a survey that is about their EHCP. I want to find out how involved they feel in this process.

After I’ve collected all the information, I may follow up with an interview, which would take place over Zoom, to find out more about what is going well in their EHCP meetings, and what they might like to change.

  1. Participants can get in contact me directly either by email: or phone: 07957 458947
  2. I have attached my ethics form, which has been approved by UCL ethics committee- Dr Jessica Hayton and Dr Matt Somerville.  
  3. I have consent forms for parents, children and young people which are here: For parents/children: young people:

This research will be very beneficial as it allows children and young people with VI to have their say on best practice with regards to inputting into their EHCP. Research suggests that this is not happening at the moment, so it is really important to know how best to support children and young people with VI in this process.”