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See My Skills: How to Land Your Dream Job! Resources

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and took part in the See My Skills: How to land your dream job! event on Saturday 26 March 2022, co-hosted by LOOK and Vision Foundation.

If you weren’t able to join us, please don’t worry! We’re already beavering away to make the recordings from each session available to you on the LOOK website and we’ll let you know just as soon as they’re ready!

In the meantime, below is a link taking you to our comprehensive list of resources which we gathered throughout the day from our expert speakers. You will also find here a summary of the Conference in an online report. This includes compelling research as to why this conference was so needed, Top Tips from our expert speakers, a conclusion on how our community can best equip itself for the modern workplace and Peter White’s five points for success!

The aim of this ambitious online conference for 16-24-year-olds was to supply practical solutions to the barriers and challenges that exist for young people seeking employment.

We often read of the troubling statistic that one in four visually impaired people of working age are out of work and that’s why we came together with Vision Foundation to try and combat this inequality.

We want to equip our young people with the skills, confidence and contacts they need to succeed in the work-place and this was what See My Skills was all about!

Chris McCausland smiling at the camera wearing a dark blue shirt.
Lucy Edwards smiling at the camera with her hair down wearing a floral top

This action-packed conference kicked off with a fun and insightful Q&A between comedian and actor Chris McCausland and presenter/journalist Lucy Edwards.

They discussed Chris’s rise to fame, the impact of his vision on his career and the life hacks he’s learned over the years.

The breakout sessions

Over 70 attendees then moved into their chosen break out rooms to hear about a whole range of topics to do with employment:

  • Perfecting your CV writing 
  • Honing interview skills
  • How to build your tech skills 
  • Navigating Access to Work
  • How to find work experience and volunteering
  • How to get the best career advice
  • How to get onto a Disability Placement Scheme
  • The importance of self-advocacy to gain employment

Our 27 speakers, 23 of whom are visually impaired, couldn’t wait to get going and share their advice and life learning!

Many of our special guests work in supporting VI young people into employment and some are members of the LOOK mentor community too. All of the breakout sessions were designed specifically to tackle the challenges that we know can be a barrier to finding work.

The final session of the day was a plenary featuring young people talking about their successful routes into work. We heard about roles in a diverse range of industries including property management, software engineering, opera, employment coaching and law.

The legendary radio presenter Peter White (BBC In Touch) was on hand to summarise the important top tips from this session.

We’d like to thank all of our speakers who gave up their time to share their positive stories.

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