Top Tips


  • Don’t be afraid to talk to your child, explain the differences between a girl and a boy in a constructive way. 
  • If your child won’t engage with you when talking about sex, periods and condoms then try and find another adult they might be more open with. 
  • Instil high self-esteem and self-advocacy.
  • Use actual terms for sexual parts eg Vagina not a Daisy. 
  • You might find that your child is more tactile with people their familiar with, so boundaries and differences need to be set between sexual touching and touching between friends.
  • It is important to discuss with your child what is appropriate and what isn’t re touch in public and in private (both themselves and others).
  • There is audio described pornography out there, so it needs to be discussed.


  • Talk to your child’s school about how they teach RSE, and how they are ensuring it is accessible and meaningful for your child who is blind or partially sighted.
  • Your child will miss out on key incidental learning opportunities which needs to be addressed somehow
  • QTVIs and Hab Specialists have a role to play in the discussions. It needs a collaborative approach.
  • Learning through soaps, TV programmes etc is harder because even with audio description what they describe is still very PC “ two people kiss on the sofa”. Lots of questions unanswered.


  • Let your children know that there can be a pressure to discover and get close to people BUT it is ok to take your time.
  • Parents it is best to be open and upfront. Talk about the key issues and be prepared to raise them again.
  • Encourage your child to join a youth forum/ find trusted adults where they can talk about these things in a safe environment as well as at home.
  • Bad experiences with touch and consent can lead to trauma. This needs to be acknowledged, understood and supported so blind and partially sighted people can form safe, happy, long term adult relationships.
  • Your children will want to have sex hopefully at the age appropriate time so it’s up to you to make sure they are safe.
  • Attraction is not based on looks when you are blind or partially sighted 


Consent Before Touching: Cup of tea film

Adam and Chris discuss sex and relationships from a male’s perspective.


Resource links

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