A photo collage of 14 of the 25 LOOK London marathon runners.

Sponsor our London Marathon runners and help raise money for LOOK!

On Sunday the 3rd of October, 25 dedicated LOOK supporters will pound 26.2 miles of London pavements to help visually impaired children, young people and their families thrive.

On Sunday the 3rd of October, 25 dedicated LOOK supporters will pound 26.2 miles of London pavements to help visually impaired children, young people and their families thrive.

We think they are already absolute legends. Read on to find out why they are taking on this mammoth challenge of endurance, and show them your support by donating to tehir fundraising pages.

Meet Ana

Photo of Ana wearing a purple running t-shirt and black running shorts, with a medal around her neck and two children stood on either side.

‘Hi all!! I can’t quite believe I’m actually going to be doing this🙈 but can’t wait to get started.

I’m running for a local Hereford charity called LOOK. They are a small family run charity that help support the visually impaired and the blind. They give local support to families that don’t have the resources in day to day life. They are a fantasic charity and I’m looking forward being a part of the team.

My target is £1500. This money will go directly to the charity where they will again help guide and support the people who need it.

So please, support me in supporting them and help me get to my target.

Thanks again Ana x’

Meet the Leigh Siblings

Photo of the 3 Leigh siblings, from left Debbi, Rebecca and Ben, stood with their arms around each other wearing runners' medals and running gear.
The Leigh Siblings

From Debbi: ‘The fact of the matter is….. my sister and brother emotionally blackmailed me to run the London 2020 Marathon with them. “I’m not doing it if Debz isn’t doing it”… “If we’re going to do it, we do it together” blah blah blah!!!

Not one to pass up a challenge… so here I am, signed up to a 26 mile race with my brother and sister… 26 MILES I tell you!!!! (Darn you Ben and Becky!!!)

We are raising money for Look UK. A small national charity who provide help and support for visually impaired young people, their carers and families.

I cant bare to imagine how different life would be if Lara or Freddie were blind or partially sighted and the effect it would have on us and those around us.

So please you lovely people, any money you can donate to my sister, brother or me, or all three of us if you are feeling a bit flush, would be very much appreciated by us, and of course Look UK.’

Meet Daniel

Photo of Daniel (left) with a friend/ Daniel wears a black running t-shirt with his number on the front. Crowds of people are in the background.

‘My name is Daniel Clarke, I am 34 years old and I am registered blind. I have an eye condition known as X linked retinitis pigmentosa. This condition starts in childhood and progressively gets worse. It has caused me a considerable amount of sight loss which affects me on a day to day basis. I have very little usable vision.

Over the years I have spent a lot of time in denial regarding my sight loss. I just wanted a normal life like being able to drive, watching football and admiring beautiful women. I lost a lot of confidence over the years which affected my independence and self-worth. I was at a low point in my life when I discovered a passion for running. It allows me freedom, helps with my body confidence and improves my mental wellbeing. As I am registered blind, I have a guide runner with me to assist me and keep me safe from obstacles and getting injured. I then went on to join Ramsbottom Running Club. They have become a huge part of my running journey and I have made friends for life. This has really helped with my confidence.

London Marathon will be my biggest challenge yet as I plan to push myself to get the best possible results. Myself and my guide runner Glyn are going to power through the gruelling 26.2 miles in aid of an amazing charity – LOOK.’

Meet Debbie

Photo of Debbie in the gym, wearing the LOOK blue running vest with her name and logo in yellow emblazoned across the front.

‘I am running the London Marathon on behalf of LOOK UK. They do fantastic work supporting and improving the lives of young people living with visual impairment.

Everything they do at LOOK comes from their passionate belief that blind young people want access to a fulfilling life just like everyone else.

Everyone deserves a life without barriers.

I really appreciate all your support and thank you for any donations.’

Meet Katy and Hayley

Selfie of Hayley, wearing a hi-vis running jacket, smiling up at the camera.

From Katy: ‘I see being registered blind as an opportunity to show the world that disability is not something that should hold a person back. LOOK is a charity that supports young visually impaired people to shine and reach their full potential despite their disability and I am taking on this challenge to show that If you think big, you can achieve.

With the outstanding support of my beautiful, talented and all round lovely guide runner Hayley, I hope to raise valuable funds to support other young people to achieve their dreams and achieve big despite their disability.’

Meet Laura

Photo of Laura (right) with her friend Debbi. Laura wears a blue baseball cap, blue jumper and holds a yellow rubber duck.

Laura is a dedicated supported of LOOK – she ran the Virtual London marathon last year and has organised a number of fundraisers for the charity – including a rubber duck race!

Wishing you lots of luck for Sunday, Laura – you’ve got this!

Meet Lawrence

Photo of Lawrence wearing a red fleece and holding up his runners number. Virgin London Marathon banner behind him.

‘The London Marathon 2021 is my fifth one for LOOK having previously raised over £10,000 with your generous donations, taking my marathon total to over 15k. Running together with my daughter Tamara, makes it even more special. I’m aiming for 5 hours again. Achieving this means much harder training at 65, especially during Covid and with a strained calf recently. It’s been a huge challenge and trainer Andy has kept me going. The training is gruelling, and it takes several days to recover after an event with lots of stretching and massage. But it’s all worth it to help improve the lives of visually impaired young people.’

Meet Tamara

Photo of Tamara, wearing a purple running t-shirt, stood in a park, smiling at the camera.

‘I was inspired to run the London Marathon for Look UK in 2019 whilst I was waiting at their stand for my Dad in Horseguards parade after his charity marathon effort. It was there I met young people who have been directly supported by this incredible charity and saw first hand the impact LOOK UK has had on their lives. I am so excited to be running for Look UK on October 3rd and I truly appreciate your donation and support.’

Meet Lizanne and Mark

Photo of Mark wearing a blue running vest, black shorts and white cap stood in front of lots of runners with Virgin London Marathon banners behind.

Mother and son duo Mark and Lizanne have run 11 marathins for LOOK over the last 11 years! Mark told us:

‘This year, we’re preparing like superheroes. That’s right, we’re building antimatter-powered suits, mainlining supersoldier serum, being bitten by radioactive cheetahs, searching for antimatter to power out suits, replacing our bones with adamantium bars, and making ritual sacrifices to Cthulu. So far the Cheetah thing has only resulted in superhuman spottiness but it’s early days.

Maybe we don’t have great power, but we do have great responsibility. We’re running for LOOK, a brilliant charity that provides support and information for visually impaired young people and their families and carers. We need you to help us help them.’

Meet Martin

Photo of Martin, stood on a '1st' podium wearing a medal and hugging his two children.

‘As a local postman I see the world around me every day. A smile from the happy recipient of an exciting parcel or a friendly wave from the familiar faces of the community I serve. My eyes are my world; from being able to do the job I do to seeing my children’s faces as they grow. This is why I have decided to run the London Marathon on behalf of LOOK UK. I am so humbled that I can bring together my love of running with this fantastic charity and hope that you will join me in trying to raise much-needed funds for this very worthwhile cause.’

Meet Richard

Photo of Richard wearing a blue running t-shirt and blue shorts, stood in a green space with trees behind.

‘My story starts as I’m walking into the gym on an autumn Wednesday morning in 2018, I was 23, still feeling high after my first run on the Edinburgh fringe that summer. The advantage of using VoiceOver is that on a quiet path I can read my text messages whilst still using my residual vision to watch where I’m going, so I didn’t stop us I read the Facebook p.m. from a friend I hadn’t spoken to in several years, asking out of the blue if I wanted to run the marathon. My thought process went something like this:

There is no way I’m in a good enough shape to run the marathon.

But it is quite an exciting opportunity.

I’m going to the gym multiple times a week to try and get fit, why not add a target for motivation?

I’ve got six months to get into shape, how hard can it be?’

You must click the link below to hear just how hard Richard’s marathon journey has been! From injuries to new born babies, a global pandemic and weightlifting with loo rolls…we do, however, have it on good authority that the martians are planning on missing him….

Meet Susanna

Photo os Susanna wearing a black t-shirt and glasses and holding her London Marathon '40' medal.

‘If we don’t challenge ourselves, we never really know what we are capable of. The only limits are those you make and believe in, make them happen! ♥👊

My dream was to run the London Marathon, in London, crowds and all. Obviously that couldn’t happen last year, the 40th London Marathon may have ended up being virtual, but that didn’t stop me from completing it with the help of Nathan and the girls. Thanks to LOOK-UK, I am going to be running again for them this year. So bring on October 2021! 👊🥳🏃👟’

Meet Tyrone

Photo of Tyrone wearing a red shirt, holding a pint and smiling at the camera.

Tyrone has been training hard for this year’s event and has the support of his fantastic work colleagues behind him. Go Tyrone!

Good luck to all of our amazing runners! Look out for Shani, our Mentor Project Officer, at Cheer Point 18!

To find out how you can watch the London Marathon, and even track the runners, click below.

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