Images of the LOOK 2022 London marathon runners wearing their LOOK running vests

Support team LOOK at the 2022 London Marathon.

Lets get behind our incredible London Marathon runners and sponsor them today. It's only with your generous support we can continue our important work empowering visually impaired young people and their families.

LOOK has come a long way since it was first dreamed up by three parents determined to spare others the struggle of navigating the world of visual impairment alone.

Our vision is a world where all young blind and partially sighted people are valued, included and can fulfil their potential.

Young visually impaired people and their families are empowered to speak up about their needs and rights.

They feel confident and connected to their peer group and communities and have the support, tools and opportunities to thrive.

On Sunday the 2nd of October, 30 dedicated LOOK supporters will pound 26.2 miles of London pavements to support LOOK UK.

Raising essential funds to support our work helping young visually impaired people and their families to thrive.

Meet the LOOK London Marathon team.

Meet Chris

Image of Chris smiling and doing a thumbs up to the camera wearing his LOOK running vest

“I have always wanted to run a marathon. I have taken part in multiple half marathons, wolf runs, triathlons and spartan races but never got around to completing a marathon.

I also wanted to complete a marathon before turning 40 later this year (2 weeks after the London marathon!).

I first heard about LOOK from following Jeremy Bowen on Twitter. He posted a short video about the charity asking for people to sign up for a London marathon place.

Having researched LOOK UK further I can see that they do fantastic work for families and individuals who are visually impaired.

My desire to participate in the marathon has increased further with the knowledge that the funds being raised are going towards continuing the work that you do.

The training is going well and the excitement is building!

Meet Sarah

Image of Sarah in running clothes wearing a black cap

My name is Sarah Campbell, I live in Surrey but am currently travelling. Before this, I worked with horses.

I started running at the beginning of the first lockdown. Before that, I hated running. I started the couch to 5k, and once I was able to run 3 miles without stopping I was completely hooked.
I did the virtual London marathon last October by running around Windsor Great park and I loved every second. Even though it wasn’t the actual marathon there was still a good atmosphere.

Afterwards, I took the train to London and saw the last remaining runners of the London marathon and knew I wanted to do the real thing. The support and atmosphere was amazing.

I wanted to run for LOOK UK as it’s such a great charity doing fantastic things for visually impaired young people. Growing up is challenging enough, but being visually impaired must make things so much harder.

On race day I’m looking forward to racing with thousands of other like-minded people, if I can make it to the start line I’ll know I’ve given myself the best possible chance to complete the 26.2 miles.

One of my best friends is running the London marathon too so I’ll be looking forward to celebrating with her by enjoying a celebratory glass of bubbly!

Meet Georgina

Meet Lizanne

Image of Lizanne wearing a LOOK cap and her marathon running number with her arm around her son who is also wearing a LOOK cap.

Hi I’m Lizanne,

I was asked to run for LOOK when my son was 18 years old and he wanted to run too so we both signed up. That was in 2009 and we have run for LOOK every year since.

A fellow barrister started using LOOKs services, when hearing about the work they do I wanted to raise funds that would really make a difference.

My training is going well, I run 20 miles a day by running to and from work.

I can’t wait for race day the crowds are always brilliant and I love running through London.

Meet Lawrence

Lawrence in his LOOK running vest standing next to London Bridge

“The London Marathon 2021 is my sixth one for LOOK having previously raised over £10,000 with your generous donations, taking my marathon total to over 15k.

I’m aiming for 5 hours again. Achieving this means much harder training at 66.

It’s been a huge challenge and trainer Andy has kept me going.

The training is gruelling, and it takes several days to recover after an event with lots of stretching and massage. But it’s all worth it to help improve the lives of visually impaired young people.”

Meet Jenny & Charlotte

Jenny and Charlotte on a run wearing their LOOK running vests

We met at the primary school gates five years ago and while our sons played Saturday morning footy we decided to sign up to run the London marathon together.

We are juggling full-time day jobs, school runs and long training runs.

It’s been tough but great fun. We both find running helps with our mental health.

At times of stress, we can get out in the fresh air, share our thoughts and run through the problems finishing exhausted but somehow refreshed.

We are pleased to be running for such a lovely charity.

We may not be fast but we will get there. Jenny has run two marathons before, Charlotte is a first-timer.

Between us we have five children who can’t wait to come and cheer us on. Both of us are hoping the race day atmosphere will give us that extra push!

Meet Amy

Amy running along a road in sunglasses and black running clothes

I have always enjoyed running, my first ever event was the Tenby 10K and thereafter several half marathons.

At the start of 2019, I decided I needed to challenge myself so I entered the Wales LCW Marathon which I successfully completed in July 2019.

It wasn’t long after the trainers were back on and I was looking for my next challenge!

I have 4 boys who are very sporty, fit and active and feel very lucky that they are able to go around their daily life being able to do the things that they enjoy. I feel privileged that I will be able to run for LOOK UK and raise funds to make a big difference!

Meet Sylwester

Image of Sylwester Litwin in his running kit doing a thumbs up

“I am so excited to be running the London Marathon on the 2nd of October 2022!

After running the event last year, I am looking forward to returning to London again!

Even more exciting is that I will get to experience the race while supporting a great organisation called LOOK. I’m inspired by the work they do to support young visually impaired people and their families to thrive.”

Meet Emma

Emma sat down wearing a purple tshirt and leggings

I came across LOOK UK through their support for the BLIND BOOKWORMS projects I have organised with three fantastic VI young people.

I am excited and terrified about this challenge, but the work of LOOK is invaluable in helping visually impaired children and young people.

It is an amazing organisation, run by lovely people.

I have personally witnessed the impact of LOOK UK on young people who were born with a visual impairment, or – as in the case of my friend Sam – lost their sight completely as teenagers.

LOOK UK has genuinely helped the VI young people I know to thrive.

I am running the London Marathon for three special people: Ellie Wait, Sam Obigbesan, and Rachel Starritt. They all live with a visual impairment and all three are super special individuals.

LOOK exists to support young people like Ellie, Sam, and Rachel. Although they won’t be there in person, I will feel their support on those 26 miles through London.

Meet Fred

Fred pictured with his brother in law Neil in their running clothes holding a pint of beer.

“My brother-in-law, Neil (pictured), has roped me into running the marathon, which I’m petrified about but is for a very good cause, LOOK, which supports visually impaired young people, like my lovely niece Chloe, and their families.

Wish me luck!”

Meet Neil

Neil Ring in his LOOK running vest

Hi, I’m Neil, Dad, to Chloe.

Chloe and I are both visually impaired, Chloe has greatly benefitted from the services provided by LOOK so raising money for LOOK by running the London marathon is my small way of contributing to your ongoing good work.

I only started running really during lockdown to keep fit in the absence of playing football. I couldn’t run much more than a mile back then so I’ve come a long way, literally!

Looking forward to the big race now!

Meet Dougal

I’m running the London Marathon on 2nd October with my brother-in-law Neil to help raise money for LOOK.

LOOK is an important charity to me because it’s helped my niece Chloe, and hundreds of other visually impaired young people.

Chloe was born both deaf and blind, and in spite of this, she’s an inspiration.

She’s strong, incredibly clever, articulate (helped by cochlear implants) and seizes life with both hands.

Through its networks and support, LOOK has played an important part in helping Chloe and her family build connections and build confidence.

Meet the Leigh Siblings

From Debbi: ‘The fact of the matter is….. my sister and brother emotionally blackmailed me to run the London 2020 Marathon with them.

Not one to pass up a challenge I’m running my second London Marathon for LOOK.

I can’t bare to imagine how different life would be if (my siblings) Lara or Freddie were blind or partially sighted and the effect it would have on us and those around us.

This is why we are raising money for LOOK UK.

Good luck to all of our amazing runners! Look out for team LOOK along the route, we will be cheering you on all the way!

Image of two people running, 30 LOOK UK runners taking on the TCS London Marathon 2022.
A piggy bank, Hitting their fundraising targets to raise an overall total of around 60,000.
Two people hugging, could support our counselling service. Helping over 20 recently diagnosed young people or parents receive an hour of counselling for more than a year.

To find out how you can watch the London Marathon, and even track the runners, click below.

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