During this podcast, we discuss the challenges that parents/families are experiencing as a result of lockdown – ranging from the impact of a child’s loss of routine, losing a support network, parent carers having to take on full time caring roles, and to families who have lost a lot of respite and face to face support because of Covid-19.

Along with our expert panelists, we offer you a support network and community and share relevant resources and sources of practical help.

Our panel includes:

  • Pete Lock, Habilitation and Implementation Lead at Guide Dogs with extensive background in working with SEN children and young people.
  • Rebecca Liddiard Head of Specialist Support Service at Sense
  • Mary Bairstow Low Vision Optometrist and SEN parent
  • Qualified teachers of students with multi-sensory impairments
  • LOOK mentors.

School for so many of these vulnerable children was a safe haven where their needs were met and they could thrive outside of the family unit. This situation is putting so much pressure on these families now. We hope you find some practical help in this podcast.