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Resource: Learn how to discuss Sex and Relationships with your Visually Impaired Child.

Download our resource for tips and advice on discussing sex and relationships with your child.

*This resource has been created following our eponymous webinar.

Let’s face it – our kids cringe at us for pretty much anything and everything that we do – from dancing to singing along to the radio. Bring up the topic of sex and relationships and their will for the ground to open up and swallow them is so great, you can almost feel the earth begin to tremors underfoot.

But we have to have this conversation. It’s potentially one of the most important dialogues we’ll share with our children. There’s no script, and you don’t have to be word perfect, but LOOK is here to help you start this conversation and guide you through what follows.

Our aim

Our aim is to remove the discomfort from this topic and support you as parents/carers in starting the conversation. We will help you prepare your child for the imminent changes in their own bodies and equip them with the knowledge and confidence to develop relationships as adults.

Visually Impaired children also miss out on a lot of the incidental learning around these aspects of life, because they might not be able to see body language and pick up visual nuances that their peers are noticing.

The reality is that standard mainstream RSE in schools is not accessible, so it’s really helpful to do what you can to support your child with this stuff at home. We recognise that this can feel daunting and uncomfortable, but we’ve got your back.

What does this resource cover?

We cover topics including why it’s important we talk about sex and relationships with VI children and young people; how and when to start the conversation with your child; and how to talk about boundaries and appropriate behaviour. We also offer further resources like accessible books that you can check out and use at home to aid the conversation with your VI child.

The Panel

Our panellists included:

  • LOOK mentors who can reflect on their own experiences growing up and share the VI young person’s perspective
  • Parent/carer, Cathy Wright – Head of Key Stage 3 and 4 and teaches RSE at New College Worcester (Twitter @theonlygoose)
  • Fiona Broadley – Qualified Habilitation Specialist (Twitter @fiona_broadley)
  • Suzy McDonald – Children’s Habilitation Specialist.

Click below to access the resource.

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