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Jane (far right) with her family - Chloe in the centre, holding her long cane in two hands, and Neil (far left). Jane has thick, long, blonde hair and is wearing a green dress with white polka dots. Chloe is wearing a denim jacket and denim jeans and has lovely thick wavy brown hair. Neil is wearing jeans, a black t shirt and a grey hoodie. He has very short dark hair and is wearing glasses. Buddy dog, Sapphire, a golden lab, is sitting at their feet looking up at Neil.

Parent Support Group

About our Parent Support Group Our free, fortnightly peer-led Parent Support Group is a safe place to meet others and talk about the issues our

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Students sat on some steps looking at a book together.

Video & blog: Q&A on 16+ transition to 6th form/college

The transition from a familiar school setting to 6th form or college can be daunting, learning to navigate a new setting. Meeting new people and advocating for your needs with new teachers can feel like a roadblock to your education. In this Q&A three of our LOOK Mentors met to chat about their experience.

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The LOOK team around the sign for Jamie's Farm

A summer adventure to remember

Jamie’s Farm’s unique combination of farming, family and therapy offers an environment where young people are respected, and are given opportunities to display their talents and show responsibility.

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An image of a pair of glasses on top of a pile of papers

Get Exam Ready

Join VI Professionals and LOOK mentors to help your blind and partially sighted kids prepare for exams with confidence.

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LOOK: Peer Mentoring Matters

Experience has shown us that visually impaired young people are best supported by those that have personal experiences of living with a visual impairment. The mentor role can be hugely rewarding – supporting others, while boosting your own self-development and confidence too.

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Photo of Daniel, seated, wearing a cream and blue checked shirt.

Mentor of the Month: Daniel!

Meet our October Mentor of the Month, Daniel. Thank you Daniel for your thoughtful, kind and considered approach to mentoring. This month LOOK will take time to share and celebrate your ever growing contribution to LOOK!

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