At this time of year, many Visually Impaired students are saying goodbye to one educational setting and preparing to move on to the next stage of their education.

This can be a scary time for our children. New environments to navigate, new teachers, support staff, uniform, expectations in general as well as increasing independence. All can be worrying and challenging, particularly if the setting they have been in has been supportive and accommodating. What Jane Ring, LOOK’s Parent Support Officer and mum to Chloe had not understood until her daughter transitioned to secondary school two years ago was what a challenging time it would be for her, too.

Her session, ‘Talking Transitions’ aimed to inform parent carers and help them feel better prepared for the change. “It was the session I wish I had been offered before Chloe’s big move.”

Hosted by Jane, the session featured a brilliant expert parent who had gone through the transition in 2020, and three of LOOK’s amazing mentors. The insight from those who had been through the experience was invaluable and we look forward to inviting the mentors to more themed sessions in the future.

Jane added:
‘This was my first official group since my role became formalised and I started working for LOOK as their Parent Support Officer. I am very excited about planning future sessions which meet parent carers needs. For more information and to make suggestions about themed sessions you would like to go to, please email me on

Talking Transitions – The Recording

To watch a recording of the session, please click below.

Talking Transitions – the guide

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