Sleep challenges are shared across the whole of our VI community. We asked our Mentors to share their tops tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Kaya – Have a nice relaxing bath before you go to sleep

Saima – Have a hot drink just as you are about to go to bed. There is a particular brand of chamomile tea that really works for me. I take it occasionally if I have had a few nights of really bad sleep and it completely relaxes me. You have to take it and then lie down straight away though. If you start doing other things it wears off.

Nazan – I do a wind down yoga practise followed by a short meditation. I also take the Kalms night tablets (it’s a herbal root extract I believe), and also the rescue remedy drops on my tounge. I try to not look at my screen before bed, and sometimes, will put on a podcast in the background which helps me drift off too! I try to not have deep/ emotional conversations with anyone in the evening, as that seems to put my brain into overdrive/ more overwhelm! Overall, just having a calm/ chilled out evening helps! Chamomile tea / putting on my diffuser with chamomile and lavender oils really helps too.

Alice – Listen to an audiobook, don’t keep checking the time and don’t keep checking your phone.