Thanks to the amazing parent carer Suzanne Hollinshead, who is a member of the Parent Support Steering Group, for planning and organising this event with the CVI society.

LOGO - The CVI Society - Changing Perceptions of Vision

Cerebral Visual Impairment (commonly referred to as CVI) is a form of visual impairment caused by the brain not being able to process information from the eyes passing along the visual pathways in the brain. It is the commonest cause of visual impairment in children in the developed world.

Cerebral Visual Impairment is a hidden disability. Unlike cerebral palsy, it cannot be seen. Yet it can be disabling, frustrating and lead to social difficulties. 

As parents, how can we better understand this complex condition? And importantly how can we best communicate the challenges for our young people within education? 

Watch the session and check our our resources below for more information on CVI.

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CVI in Education

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CVI and CYP with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

Stephanie Satariano

Dr Stephanie Satariano is a chartered Educational Psychologist and Paediatric Neuropsychologist. She has experience working in the NHS, local authorities and independent practice. She has worked as part of the Evelina’s specialist community sleep team, Neuropsychology team, Neurodevelopmental team and part of a local authority Educational Psychology service. Stephanie has supported a number of children with CVI, by understanding their needs, and supporting key staff to tailor the young person’s educational provision. She has experience of providing expert witness advice at SENDIST tribunals as a Local Authority witness and as a parent witness, for young people with a range of needs, including CVI. 

Janet Harwood

Janet Harwood is Founder member and Chair of Trustees for The CVI Society.  Janet is a QTVI whose area of expertise and passion is CVI and ensuring those affected by it get the support and recognition they deserve. Janet has given lectures alongside Professor Gordon Dutton, Patron of the Cerebral Visual Impairment Society and John Ravenscroft, Head of the Scottish Sensory Centre. She frequently leads sessions at Birmingham University on CVI for teachers training to become QTVIs.

She has delivered training sessions on CVIs in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on behalf of several organisations. The variety of other groups have included charities, (local and national), Local Education Authorities, hospitals, specialist schools including schools for young people with a vision impairment, specialist schools for children with cerebral palsy and for several parent groups