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LOOK is here to help you. If you’d like to chat with someone who has been there, done it and might have some great advice why not sign up to our Mentoring project. If you feel you have wisdom to offer and would like to be part of our Mentor community we’d love to hear from you. Become a Mentor.

Keen to meet others online or in person? Check out our Events. Or you if you’d just like to browse our resources, they are below. LOOK is run by visually impaired people, for visually impaired people.  

80% of our staff are VI and all our Mentors are too. Welcome to our community!


School, College & University

Wellbeing & Relationships

Independent Living

Our Mentors

Our mentors help other VI young people to grow in self-confidence and to thrive.

All our LOOK Mentors are 18 years + and are DBS checked. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have different VI needs and experiences, but they share a passion and commitment to supporting VI young people through mentoring.

Our flagship LOOK Mentor Project keeps growing, and we are continually investing in the LOOK Mentors. Some of the mentees have gone on to be Mentors, and some now work with LOOK on the Mentor Project. It is brilliant that the LOOK Mentor Project really is helping VI young people to thrive. Thank you to all the amazing LOOK Mentors who volunteer their time to support their younger peers.

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Our Parent Support Team smiling together in front of some greenery at LOOKFest 2023

How Do I Become a Mentor?

Are you visually impaired, 18-29 and have a passion to help others? Find out what it takes to become a VI mentor, and how you can get involved.

Andrea on the beach, wearing a red coat, with her guide dog.

How Do I Get a Mentor?

If you’re aged 11-29 and at school, university / college or looking for work, we have a mentor ready to help you achieve your potential.

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