Lately I have been thinking about our Volunteer Family
Open hearted, committed and at the heart of all we do
Obviously, we would not be LOOK UK without this team
Keeping us moving, motivating projects – working with you is a dream!

Leaping into the unknown to discuss growing up,
Opportunities to connect on shared experiences
Visual impairment is the theme, the identity
every one of our volunteers and wider family
shares. Yet our volunteers remind us we have more to our identity.

Valuing who we are
Our hopes, our dreams, our ideas
Locating what it is that our community wants to
nurture and
talk over
Each day our volunteers bring energy
Every one of them helps LOOK grow
Respect to all of you! You give us time, communication and community
Super duper massive appreciation to VOLUNTEERS – you are the essence of humanity

What our Mentors say about volunteering.

“Being a volunteer in dis(ability) activism, not only gives meaning and purpose to my life every single day, but it also fuels the fire within me in wanting to be the role model I wish I had growing up.

Across the many organisations that I’ve volunteered for, I’ve seen and been a part of thriving communities, helping me feel a sense of togetherness and connection.

I find it super rewarding seeing and being a part of the free services that are available to those who need support, and am super grateful that I have the experience, knowledge and skills to help and that there are so many other people out there who are willing to do the same.

The volunteering roles which I’ve undertaken have always been accessible and inclusive of my needs, and have opened up so many amazing opportunities for me in my journey to finding my purpose!

Volunteering with dis(ability) organisations, LOOK, and mental health research has been really liberating for me, and helps me feel empowered and hopeful for a more inclusive, and accessible future for all!”

LOOK Mentor Nazan Kaplankiran

LOOK Mentor Bryony talks about how mentoring has impacted her life

The importance of volunteers to the LOOK community

“Charlie and I really appreciate the sounding board that he has in Josh and the advise and guidance that he gives him.

I think at times as Mum’s we do our best to guide them, but do they really listen ? However, if somebody else is saying the same message it just reinforces the meaning.”

Jo, Parent of LOOK Mentee Charlie

“There is so much I value from having my mentor to help guide me through the process of starting university.

Specifically, having my mentor has given me a space where I feel comfortable and able to ask anything, which has helped me hugely.

This has allowed me to ask questions as and when I think of them and get an honest reply, knowing that my mentor has been through a similar experience to me.”

LOOK Mentee Abi.

Thank you!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the volunteers that support LOOK UK.

Their friendship and dedication underpins everything we do and achieve at LOOK to help blind & Visually Impaired children & young people thrive.

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