“Volunteering at LOOKFest is the most rewarding volunteering I’ve ever done”

Whether you are VI or sighted, there are plenty of jobs to do at LOOKFest! and we need your help. Are volunteers had a great time volunteering at LOOKFest in 2019!

“I felt a great sense of achievement after volunteering at LOOKFest. This was my first ever camping experience and I was extremely anxious, not knowing what to expect. Connecting with the families and seeing them enjoying the event gave me a much-needed confidence boost.”

We are a supportive and welcoming community. It is also rewarding! Supporting others and being part of a team feels great and gives your CV a real boost to boot!

“I think my experience volunteering at LOOKFest will support me when I am seeking employment and work experience in the future because it has improved several life skills which are universally useful and transferable.”

 We want to give all our volunteers a chance to develop their skills and try new things, and there are plenty of important roles for everyone. 

Please come along and get involved!

When are volunteers needed on-site?

Volunteers will be required to join us on-site from Thursday 16 July and leave on Monday 20 July. This is to give everyone time to settle in, get to know each other and the site before the event. There will be plenty of jobs to do in preparing the site for our guests and plenty of clearing up to do afterwards. 

Food and accommodation

Volunteers will be provided with shared camping accommodation and meals throughout their stay on-site from Thursday 16 July to Monday 20 July.

Volunteer roles

From assisting at activities, to working at the LOOKFest café, there are plenty of roles for you to get involved in. Please read our roles and volunteer conduct page before applying.

How to become a LOOKFest volunteer

1. All volunteers must fill in an application by 31 March 2020. The success of that application is at the discretion of LOOK UK. 

2 All volunteers must read and agree to the volunteer terms and conditions before accepting a place on the team.

3. Sighted volunteers may be paired with a visually impaired volunteer, in order to help that VI volunteer, fulfil their role. We will of course take all requests into consideration, but the allocation of volunteering roles and pairings is at the discretion of LOOK UK.

4. Volunteers need to attend a training for site build, orientation, introductions and sighted guide training, one day prior to the beginning of the event. (16 July)

5. LOOK UK will give references for volunteers on request.

6. All volunteers need to have a DBS. This can be processed by LOOK UK.

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