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Photograph of the feature in the Western Mail newspaper on Saturday 18 March. It is almost a double-page spread, with a heading ARTS & CULTURE then title Pictures of south Wales. There is a lovely photo of Jennifer Bowen from the 1950s, and four black and white photographs taken by Jennifer Bowen. In the lower left-hand corner is more recent photo of Jennifer and Charlotte with Jennifer's son / Charlotte's brother, Jeremy Bowen, the BBC World News Editor.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

[Jennifer’s] met her husband, the journalist Gareth Bowen, at a Christmas party at the Western Mail and they went on to have five children. Jennifer continued to work while raising them…

Her life changed after her youngest child, Charlotte, started to lose her sight due to a rare genetic disorder. Jennifer quickly found she had to advocate for her daughter and push for her to get the education she needed.

“When your daughter has a special need, you have to go through all these meetings and fight their corner,” she says. “The thing that got me was when someone said to me, ‘Well, Mrs Bowen, you wouldn’t expect for Charlotte’s future what you expect for the rest of your other children, would you?’ And I said, “Why not? She’s losing her sight not her brain!”

LOOKing back, Charlotte credits her mother with helping her to navigate the challenges of her failing eyesight…

“Without her I wouldn’t be the person I am today,” says Charlotte. “She advocated for me and challenged me, compassionately but consistently – by my side and supporting me whether I was learning to ride a bike, trying sailing, or simply getting through the school gates. She wouldn’t let me sit on the sidelines, she was committed wholly to inclusion – modestly and in a way that fully enabled me.”

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